The VOICE GEMS project is a vibrant, unprecedented meditation highlighting the most remarkable, influential, and critically endangered voices on earth to generate digital gemstones and physical sculptures. The works exist as NFT's, print, 3-D print, digital video, large scale projection and cast sculpture.

Reeps One × Trung Bao

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Makhtoum Abdalla


Darfur, Sudan



Gem Type


Resonance Code

148.297.575 Hz


Author bio

Makhtoum Abdalla, 18 year old student from Nyala, South Darfur, Sudan.

He is Unicef Sudan Youth Advocate and a TED speaker. Makhtoum lives in Otash, a camp for internally displaced people. He is passionate about equal access to quality education for all children and young people. Whilst growing up in the camp, he continues to raise awareness on education, child rights, improvement in health services, and the importance of investing in young people. He taught himself English, Turkish and is currently learning French.

His dream is to become a doctor to not only heal people, but to ensure the healthcare system advances and is equitable.

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