The VOICE GEMS project is a vibrant, unprecedented meditation highlighting the most remarkable, influential, and critically endangered voices on earth to generate digital gemstones and physical sculptures. The works exist as NFT's, print, 3-D print, digital video, large scale projection and cast sculpture.

Reeps One × Trung Bao

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Yogi Sadhguru





Gem Type


Resonance Code

132.275.594 Hz


Author bio

Yogi, Mystic, and Visionary, Sadhguru uses his efforts and influence towards one main goal: Raising Human Consciousness. Through his foundation, the Isha Foundation, created over four decades ago, he offers the technologies of well-being to millions of people across the world, supported by over 16 million volunteers worldwide.

Sadhguru has been conferred with three presidential awards among which are the Padma Vibhushan for distinguished service to the Nation and India’s highest environmental award, the Indira Gandhi Paryavaran Puraskar, in 2010.

Over the years, Sadhguru has launched large ecological initiatives to advocate for and take direct action towards local nature-based climate solutions. Project GreenHands, Rally for Rivers and Cauvery Calling address the urgent need to increase green cover, revitalize Indian rivers and restore soil health. Save Soil is aimed at addressing the global soil crisis by bringing together people from around the world.

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