The VOICE GEMS project is a vibrant, unprecedented meditation highlighting the most remarkable, influential, and critically endangered voices on earth to generate digital gemstones and physical sculptures. The works exist as NFT's, print, 3-D print, digital video, large scale projection and cast sculpture.

Reeps One × Trung Bao

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Sinead Burke


Dublin Ireland



Gem Type


Resonance Code

249.311.821 Hz


Author bio

Sinéad Burke is an educator, writer, and Founder of consultancy company Tilting the Lens, continually asking “is this accessible?”. She sparks conversations in every room to bring visibility to inaccessibility, and partners with clients and stakeholders to build collaborative solutions that have impact today, tomorrow, and forever.

Through education, advocacy, and a design approach, Tilting the Lens aims to build a more equitable world by creating accessible practices, products, and places. Sinéad has been hosting conversations with leaders for over a decade, first through her blog, then through the ‘As Me with Sinéad’ podcast which has included conversations with activists and thinkers such as Samantha Power, DeRay McKesson, Lonnie Bunch III, Riz Ahmed, and Glenda Jackson.

She is the author of ‘Break the Mould’, a book that encourages children to find their place in the world. The book is a number one bestseller and was awarded the Irish Children’s Book of the Year (Senior) Award.

Sinéad is the first little person to appear on the cover of Vogue, featured in British Vogue’s ‘Forces for Change’ issue; guest-edited by Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. She is a member of the President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins’, Council of State, and a member of Gucci's Global Equity Board.

She is responsible for the introduction of the term “duine beag” (little person) into the Irish language dictionary.

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